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Touch Tanks For Kids, a 501 c 3 nonprofit dedicated to improving science education by helping educators acquire a teaching aquarium tanks. Touch Tanks for Kids offers funding support including grants for educators who use their teaching aquariums in support of the Touch Tanks for Kids Mission.

Many great educators that specialize in Science tell us that students comprehend more and stay interested longer with interactive instruction. Children must do science to learn science Mr. Waldo explained prior to going into detail about the many interactive activities in his classroom.  His excitement buried any reluctance that we had about the touch tank project.

Marine Ecological Habitats original Touch Tank retails for $7,000. The 110-gallon self-contained unit's overall size is 60” long, 32” Wide, and 36” high. It is prefect for classroom instruction in any location. The locking lid protects the Touch Tank inhabitants from unwanted contact and cost $300

The Touch Tank features the finest quality components, including three quarter inch American Acrylic and is designed to last many years. Touch Tank for Kids offers a life time replacement on all mechanical failures for an additional $2,500.

The Touch Tank comes professionally crated for its protect and completely assembled for easy set-up. The Touch Tank set-up procedure is detailed in this video: Touch Tank Installation Video. The average shipping and crating costs are $1,000.  

Stocking a Touch Tank with a wide variety of sea creatures is one way to get the most educational value out of your Touch Tank program. Touch Tanks for Kids offers one-time sea life stocking with the Gold and Silver Packages, valued at $500-$750 depending the season and availability.

Touch Tanks for Kids offers three Touch Tank package options:

Gold Package valued at $11,550; Silver Package valued at $ 9,550; Bronze Package valued at $8,300.
The Gold Package is valued at $11,550; the Silver Package is valued at  $9,050; the Bronze Package is valued at $8,300. The Touch Tanks for Kids Grant may be applied to each package. To apply:

1. Join the Touch Tanks for Kids Discussion Forum and make a post about how your group is going to improve the Touch Tank program.

Join the Discussion:

2. Write an email or letter to the attention of the Touch Tanks for Kids Board of Directors. Describe your schools or programs financial need and a short statement regarding how your schools or program will seek additional funding for the touch tank project.

The Achievement Program:

Count Sharcula works with participants to secure fund-raising through a Facebook application. The programs allows Count Sharcula to tag your friends, asks them to make a contribution to your Touch tank project and encourages them to create a Sustainability Action Plan: a pledge to help Count Sharcula save the oceans by taking action that helps reduce the negative environmental impacts on local land or water resources.

Count Sharcula Facebook Application Here

Lobsters for Learning


Thanks Love Maine Lobsters of Biddeford, Maine, you can now raise money for your Touch Tank project by providing delicious tasting Maine Lobster to your family and local supporters.

The Goal is to pre-sell Maine Lobsters that are available for pick up at a designated time and place.  Lobsters are a healthy fund raising options and because of Love Maine Lobsters superior holding systems, Lobster Fund raising offers live lobsters that will please your supports and pay for your Touch Tank project. To Participate: apply for the Touch Tanks for Kids grant and contact Touch Tanks for Kids to secure the price and quantity of Maine lobsters sales needed to achieve a Touch Tank.  

Plumb-away Fund raising

Plumb-Away is an environmentally friendly drain opener that unclogs drains without the use of harsh chemicals, lye, or CFCs that are found in liquid and crystal drain-openers. Dangerous chemicals poison the environment and expose children and pets to unnecessary dangers. A Plumb-away Fund raiser offers another way to pay for your Touch Tank Project and may be applied to any Touch Tank Package